How much does it cost to ship a car to Texas?

Moving Cars from Houston, Texas to San Francisco, California

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Moving from Houston, Texas to San Francisco, California will take you approximately 36 hours. You'll cross over 11 states and move through 4 different time zones. And while the trip can be quite a scenic ride you'd be much better off allowing a car transportation professional handle the moving process. After all, what could be better than arriving in a new place with time to spare and some extra cash in your pocket?

Car transportation is never easier than when you’re working with a company that you can trust. So that’s why if you’re shipping a car into or out of Texas you should go with the premier Texas car shipping company--us. But how do we make car transportation so easy?

Over 20 Years In the Industry

Simply put, we have the experience necessary to make this an easy process on our customers. You don’t have to worry about any of the ins or outs of car transportation because we know all of them, backwards and forward.

Hands on Texas Auto Shipping Experience

Texas is a big state which means it is all that more important that you work with a transporter that knows it well. And that’s us. Once again we have the experience to put us (and your car) on top.

Our Worry-free car transportation service

What this boils down to is your car arrives where it is meant to be on time and in great shape. And if for any reason this isn’t going to be the case you are notified well in advance. The truth is, is that the only type of car transportation that is really easy is the kind performed by a company that you can really and truly trust.


Here at we stress that our service is worry-free and the reason why we do this is because we realize just how chaotic and difficult moving a car can be. And this is usually compounded by the fact that if you are shipping your car there's a good chance that you're also moving. And anyone can tell you just how busy and draining a time this can be in anyone's life. Well, we think that shipping your car doesn't have to add to the chaos or the difficulty of your everyday life which is why we constructed every part of our service to place you at ease. That's why starting off right on our homepage we have a free quote tool that will give you an estimate which will help you budget your car transportation. You can take this quote and either use it to comparison shop, which we honestly encourage, use it to get started with your order. From there you can be sure that we will work not only to transport your car in as professional and thorough of a manner as possible but we will also work to keep your mind at ease. Because, let's face it, you have more important things to do whether you're moving or not, than to worry about whether or not you're ever going to ever see your car again. That's why we're happy to offer our value-based and worry-free car transportation service. If you're interested in getting started just take a trip to the top of this page and start by receiving your free quote

When we say that our prices are fair we mean exactly that. And while they're competitive they're not always going to be the lowest. The reason for this is because when it comes car transportation if the price seems too good to be true the chances are it is. That's because unlike us many transportation companies rely on brokers who will tell customers whatever they have to in order to get their business. What this results in is untrustworthy and low-ball quotes. This can lead to several things. First the transporter can decide not to pick up your car at all because there isn't enough money in it for them. They could also just keep putting it off over and over again, as more higher paying jobs become available. And then of course they could just tack on charges later to make up the cost. Don't let these brokers lure you into this trap. Your vehicle and budget are too important to place either at risk. So trust your car to a Texas car transportation expert that you can count on to be fair and reliable.