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Moving Cars from Dallas, Texas to Long Beach, California

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We work to ensure a carefree car transportation experience, there are some things you have to do first in order for us to be able to ship your car from Dallas, Texas to Long Beach, California. To begin you will need to get a free car shipping quote from us. We have a free quote tool that you can utilize right on this site. Also, don't hesitate to call us if your car is a special case. For instance, you should notify us if your car doesn't run or if it is in an area that's difficult to access.


Are you moving from Texas and need someone to transport your car? Or vice versa? If so, you’re in the right place. Or at the very least, you’re in a great place to start. The reason being is because has its very own free quote form that makes it incredibly easy to get started with your transportation order. Just click the link "Get A Quote" and provide us with some very basic information. We will only use this information to formulate and send a free quote to you. And as far as the quote goes, it may not always be the lowest but as anyone can tell you price alone isn't always indicative of value. And nowhere is that more true than car transportation. In fact, finding a quote should really only be the first step. You should also check reviews and if possible get recommendations from people you trust like friends or family. Quotes are helpful for comparison shopping and we encourage you to do that. But with all of that said, our prices are very competitive and our services are without peer. So if you'd like to give us try just know beginning your worry-free Texas auto transportation is just that easy.

In that case feel free to call us and we can provide you with a quote and start your order that way. This is especially important if, for instance, your car isn't running or is situated somewhere that is difficult to get to in Dallas. The more accurate your responses in this phase of the process, the more accurate of a quote you will receive to move from Texas to Texas. Not sure if something will affect the cost of your order? Just ask and our highly trained transportation specialists will let you know.

Here at we are commited to meeting and exceeding your expectations. And that means going above and beyond for our clients in every area of a car transportation order. And part of that is letting our customers know that there are some things that we strictly cannot do. One of these thing is transporting items other than cars. If you’re moving there’s a good chance you’re thinking that it would be convenient to transport a bunch of your personal belongings with your car to your new destination. While this is true, yes it would be quite convenient, this is just something we’re not able to do for a number of reasons. First, it should be known that your car doesn’t have to be completely empty at the time of the shipping but it shouldn’t be filled with personal belongings either. This is because the insurance will only cover your car. And in the case of a serious, albeit rare, accident you wouldn’t be able to recoup any of the value of the car’s cargo. So doing this saves you from potential disaster but it is also good for us. More weight means heavier cars and heavier cars make our jobs harder. The truck requires more gas, the cars are more difficult to unload and etc.


If you have just filled out a car transportation free quote form from this site you're in luck. You're about to experience Dallas car transportation done right by one of the most trusted names in the industry. And while we pride ourselves on the carefree nature of our service there are still some things that you need to do in order to ensure the best car transportation experience possible. First, before you leave Dallas, it's a good idea to make sure there isn't anything unnecessary in your car. For instance if you're moving you can't use your car as a means to transport your things.

The reason being is that each car being transported to Long Beach is covered by the carrier's insurance. But just the car. So should the unlikely and terrible occurs and something happens to your car in transit then you will only receive compensation for the car. Besides issues with insurance and coverage there's also the additional weight to consider. The heavier the weight of the transport cargo the more gas needed to get from Texas to Texas and the higher the prices. So keeping the weight of shipments down is beneficial for both carrier and customer.