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If there is one thing we specialize in here at it is the art of Texas car transportation. So whether you need to move a car from Houston to Pittsburgh or Dallas to Los Angeles--we've got you covered. We provide service to the entire state of Texas (and it is a big state) as well as the rest of the US. We know what your vehicle means to you and the role it plays in your everyday life, which is why we only work with experienced drivers. So that means everyone we hire is fully insured and licensed through the department of transportation.

After all, when you start an auto transportation order nothing is more important than peace of mind. When you hand your vehicle over to a shipping company you decide to have it handled correctly. This is why we specialize in worry-free car transportation. When you ship with us you can rest easy knowing that our drivers have thousands of hours of experience navigating through the United States. Not only that, but we have access to reliable and state of the art logistic technology so you can always be sure you can keep in touch with your shipment. So why waste time worrying about whether your car is in good hands? Make sure you ship with

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We feel that car shipping to or from Texas should be a worry-free operation. We know that it is important to find a reliable and dependable company to handle your car transportation order. That’s why we provide accurate and instant car shipping quotes right here on our site. You can also receive a quote by calling calling 800-800-0718 and speaking with one of our transportation specialists. With over 20 years of providing car transportation services in Texas we’re the company to trust.

Texas Weather

Texas is a lot of things and one thing no one can argue about is its size. Texas is big. No doubt about it. As the second largest US state the ways it affects the industry of car transportation is often obvious. It takes a long time to move across it, and any car transportation order carried out in the state has to take this into account. But of course there are a lot of upsides about transportation in the state as well. For instance, the Port of Houston is one of the busiest ports in the world. And it's a great location to undertake international car shipping orders. But often, more than its size, the most challenging aspect of shipping cars in Texas has to do with its weather.

Texas has a wide range of weather, because it encompasses several different regions with distinct climates. For instance, the state is home to various forms of severe weather. Occurrences like floods and tropical cyclones. It also has the highest occurrence of tornadoes each year with about 139 annually. But have no fear, thanks to our experience transporting cars in the state we know to keep our eyes to the sky (and ears to our radios). We know how to deal with the various weather occurrences and will do everything in our power to get your car to you safe and sound.

Texas Flash Floods


Texas is known for many things--its weather, its universities, its professional sports teams and of course its size. And with this size you can be expect a lot of variety as well--some good, some bad. For one thing, you will find a lot of companies eager to ship your car to or from the state. Many of these companies will be untrustworthy and just looking to make a quick buck. Navigating the Texas Car Shipping Industry can be difficult and that’s why it’s so important you work with a company you can trust.

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